La Nantillaise is located in front of Bouillante bay, on 'Basse Terre' island, in Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe is a French overseas state, located in the French Antillas, bordered by the Caribbean sea on it's western side and the Atlantic ocean on it's eastern side.
Bouillante is known as the capital of ecotourism in Guadeloupe. Founded in 1645, it is also one of the oldest city of the island .
The villages of Malendure and Pigeon are part of it.
Its name ('Boilling' in english) comes from its many hot springs which testify to the volcanic activity of the island. Moreover, a geothermal plant was installed there in 1969, the only one in the Caribbean area.
Around the 'Pigeon' islets, abundance and quality of the aquatic fauna and flora make the underwater of this area a well known place to discover the aquatic world.
Of course, the site is protected. It's the 'Cousteau Reserve'.

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La Nantillaise

Impasse Saint Jean, Falaise
97125 Bouillante
+590 (0)6 90 93 73 88
+590 (0)5 90 98 32 52

GPS N 16° 9' 42.349'' O 61° 40' 9.456'

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