Guadeloupe is a two 'lobes' island, making it looking like a butterfly : the eastern lobe, 'Grande Terre', made of coral, nicknamed "Little Britany" and the western lobe, 'Basse Terre', volcanic, much more green and high, dominated by the 'Soufrière' volcano.

The tropical sea-side climate is humid and hot, softened by the trade winds.
There are two seasons in Guadeloupe called 'Lent' and 'Wintering'

  • dry season, 'Lent', from January to June
  • wet season ,'Wintering', from July to December.

  • Coconut tree
    'Anse Barque' bay
    The climate offers a regular temperature of 80°F on average (68°F in the early morning and 90°F during the day). The difference of temperature between the two seasons is very low.
    The temperature of the sea is 83°F on average.

    There is no time difference with New York or Toronto
    With Great Britain the difference is :
    • 5 hours in summer
    • 4 hours in winter

    The currency is the euro (€)